Sunday, July 10, 2016

I updated the following pages on the RobbHaas Family Pages today:

Haas, August & Mabel Family
Haas, Barbara Jane
Home Page
Piles/Civil War Timeline
Residences Index
Robbins, Esther
WW 2 Timeline
I have begun to add photos and documents to My FamilySearch Family Tree (FSFT) as I find them during my research.  I have wrestled with how to get my material out there for some time.  I have my RobbHaas Web Pages along with My RootsMagic Pages.  The RobbHaas pages contain data, sources and lots of pictures and are updated about weekly as I add data.  The RootsMagic Pages are created by my RootsMagic software and are updated weekly as well.  These pages contain all the information in my database but without any images.

With FamilySearch I have the ability to upload photos, documents and stories to their site which are linked to the person's profile page.  I am also able to keep the records on this site up to date using the linking capabilities within RootsMagic to transfer facts and sources between the two.

By the end of this year RootsMagic and have promised that they will also have the ability to link between the software and the online family trees.  In anticipation of this feature I am also uploading the same pictures and documents to my Ancestry Family Tree (AFT)

I also have trees on WeRelate, WikiTree and Geni but I am not currently updating any of these.

My hope is that at least some of this material will endure and be available to someone in the future who has an interest in the history of these families.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Grandma Robbins attended DePauw University

In January 2008 I finally learned where Grandma Robbins (Grace Gertrude Foulke Robbins) attended college. I was given a clue by my cousin Barbara and followed up the lead by contacting DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. They sent copies of pages from a yearbook and another reference in their archives. The records show that she attended classes in the 1901-1902 School year and that she took four classes. The sources also showed that she did not graduate. I was told by her son that she was sick and not able to complete her studies. She was studying to be a teacher. Cousin Barbara also supplied me with information about her graduating from Boxley High School in 1901.

Received the Stagecoach model

On 29 Jan 2008 I received the model stagecoach that had been built by my grandfather August Haas in the late 1930's. The stagecoach had been in the home of August and Mabel and remained there until their daughter, Barbara took it to be with her in her home. Barbara passed away in August 1998. The stagecoach remained in the home of her husband John. John generously offered the stagecoach to me and of course I accepted it with open arms. The images will show the craftsmanship of the model. The Robbhaas collection information is: Acc1060. As can be seen in the photos above there has been some damage to the leather parts due to age. Once I acquired the model, I gave it a very gentle cleaning with a soft brush and have since built a Plexiglas dust cover to protect it.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Robbhaas Family Page

Today I begin my blogging adventure. This is an attempt to give a place for all the extended family members to have a spot to see what I am doing with my pursuits in putting together our family history. I will publish the latest findings as I make my way forward.