Sunday, March 2, 2008

Received the Stagecoach model

On 29 Jan 2008 I received the model stagecoach that had been built by my grandfather August Haas in the late 1930's. The stagecoach had been in the home of August and Mabel and remained there until their daughter, Barbara took it to be with her in her home. Barbara passed away in August 1998. The stagecoach remained in the home of her husband John. John generously offered the stagecoach to me and of course I accepted it with open arms. The images will show the craftsmanship of the model. The Robbhaas collection information is: Acc1060. As can be seen in the photos above there has been some damage to the leather parts due to age. Once I acquired the model, I gave it a very gentle cleaning with a soft brush and have since built a Plexiglas dust cover to protect it.

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